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Bats Fitness is a full service gym located at 220 Churchill Street in Prescott Ontario Canada. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer a friendly atmosphere - where everyone knows your name!

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The following classes are held weekly. There are no classes on Canadian statutory holidays. For the most up-to-date information regarding classes please check our facebook page.

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new loyalty program...

In September 2017 we will be starting a "loyalty" program where clients earn rewards for their loyalty! Each time you "check in" using your membership card you will earn one point. The more times you "check in" and work out the more points you will earn toward reward items. More info to follow. Join our facebook page for more updates.

building and equipment improvements...

In 2017 Bats completed a new energy efficient electrical lighting program and purchased two new treadmills. In our continuing effort to provide the best fitness experience, Bats Fitness has plans to make additional improvements to our community fitness facility. These improvements that will occur over the next few months include:

The above items will cost about $50,000.00 to complete. Your continued support for the fitness facility over the past 10 years has allowed Bats to survive in this competitive market, and your support is greatly appreciated.The above improvements to the building demonstrate our continuing effort to reinvest the membership funds and make the facility remain vibrant in our community. You have been here for us, and we have always been here for you. Bats Fitness Building Upgrade

what are clients are saying...

We would like to share some of our clients comments about our gym:

I started attending Bats in September 2014 as I wanted to add to my workout routine. Since then I have made a few accomplishments and made some new friends. I am now a certified personal trainer...and have definitely seen changes in my body. I enjoy going to Bats to workout and the people are supportive and encouraging. I am stronger physically since I joined and emotionally thanks to [Bats Fitness Manager] and the other members I see regularly who offer encouragement - KJ
I joined Bat's fitness a couple of years ago and really enjoy it. The people and staff are great and it is fun going there. I work out on a schedule that suits me - CB
Before I joined Bats I always talked about trying to get in better shape, but never did anything about it. All that changed in September of 2014 when I joined. When I first started I barely knew anything about any of the equipment or what to do. I remember struggling with weights that seemed surprisingly low to me. In the course of 5 months I have already noticed big changes including how much more weight I can lift, my improvement in endurance and even how I look. I went from barely being able to do 1 rep of my body weight to easily doing 8-10 reps. Cardio has become much easier for me and I've even doubled how much weight I use for certain exercises. I've already achieved some of my goals and am constantly trying to go above and beyond my expectations. I want to thank the friendly staff and members at Bats who made this experience all the better for me - MA

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Bats Fitness
Phone: 613-925-0220
Address: 220 Churchill Road West Prescott Ontario Canada K0E 1T0 Google Map It!
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